Wicked MicroJet

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Get ready for take-off with the mighty MicroJet! You’re in the pilot seat of this flying boomerang stunt plane, just throw it in any direction and watch it perform a super smooth flight before returning to your hand! Want a short, high arcing flight? Maybe a long range flight (up to 4 metres)? Or how about a death defying loop-the-loop? Simply adjust the tail flaps & wing tips and you’ll be flying like a pilot in no time!

Each pack includes:
- 1 x MicroJet plane
- 1 x Sticker set – customise your Jet using the Wicked sticker set to make sure your plane is unique to you. This also includes repair patches just in case you encounter any crash-inducing turbulence in flight!
- 1 x Landing strip – once you have perfected your flight training, why not test your landing skills. Adjust each flap to help you touch down perfectly onto your miniature runway every time!