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Open Goaaal! is a brand new invention.  After years of kids kicking the ball over the fence, ruining the plants and smashing windows, we decided that there must be a better way. 

When we researched people’s thoughts, we couldn’t believe the amount of “stress” caused by that simple garden goal.  Take a look at this picture of what they had to say….


Garden football problems and balls over the fence annoying the neighbours


And so Open Goaaal! was born.  No more stress if the ball goes over the bar or wide of the post.  And no more staring at that white plastic goal sat in the middle of your garden.  Even big kids can now have a big goal; because when the game is over, you just pull back the curtain out of the way and the goal is gone. 

And what's more; because the balls rebound back when you miss, kids play for hours (even on their own) rather than get bored fetching.  So great for exercise, enjoyment and getting them off that PlayStation.

We’ve teamed up with a world leading manufacturer of outdoor products - supplier to many of the leading retailers - to produce a high quality football goal that will look great in your garden.  

Our most frequent feedback? "What a brilliant idea!  I wish I'd had one of those when I was a kid.  You should go on Dragon's Den". 

We hope you like Open Goaaal!, that it saves you from some of the stresses mentioned above, and that it transforms the way your kids play football with and without you in the way that it has done for us. 

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Open Goaaal! is fully compliant to EN71 and all related safety tests.

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Manufactured and supplied under licence from Open Goaaal Investments Ltd.

Open Goaaal Trading Limited - Registered Office - Formula Sports, Unit 6/38 Computer Road, Yatala 4207