February 08, 2021 2 min read

We’ve discovered how to stop balls from flying over to the neighbours fence – thank us in advance! What’s even better… it even rebounds the shots back!

Remember that time as kids we’d play scissors, paper, rock as to who had to go over to the neighbours fence to collect the ball OR who had to tell mum they smashed the pot plant. Well, there’s no need for this anymore! Open Goaaal Australia has you covered. Think goal, backstop and rebounder all in one – we love a bitta’ innovation.

We’ve all heard “Tommy! Watch the window” or “Oh! The ball’s smashed the fence and flowers, again!”. From this, Open Goaaal was born. No more stress if the ball goes over the bar or wide of the post because this football goal has you covered. The goal comes in three sizes with permanent steel posts, however with the functionality to be portable. It can be set up at home, at the beach, in a park or even at your football club. There is no digging required as the pole spikes stamp into the ground and anchors are hammered in.

Open Goaaal is the perfect product for any football player looking to sharpen their shooting skills. The main functionality of a soccer/football goal rebounder is to bounce back the ball to you (mum’s and dad’s thank us in advance!). This can provide an enhanced experience for training sessions. You will be able to practice ball control more efficiently and your shots will become more accurate.

The Open Goaaal System is the ultimate in home football set up as it’s strong enough to absorb shots up to 140km per hour, it’s both high and wide, it’s adjustable, it stops the ball going over the fence and is used worldwide by many premier league training academies (recently installed in Liverpool Football Club).

We hope you love our football goal + backstop + rebounder  as much as we do and that it saves you some of the stresses mentioned above. We aim to transform the way your kids play football/soccer (with and without you).