February 08, 2021 2 min read

Open Goaaal is a one of a kind soccer/football trainer. The goal has its own integrated rebounding net system which is offered at an affordable price and allows for a more focused practice session for strikers and goalkeepers. Let us teach you how easy it is to set up the best soccer rebounder!

First things first it’s easy to set up AND take down – we’re talking about 15 minutes. The goal is designed to withstand seasons and can be left up all year long – even during harsh summers or cold winters. Open Goaaal is best installed on grass and can actually be installed on a slope with even ground and survives shots up to 80mph.

The Open Goaaal product (inclusive of a Soccer Goal, Backstop and Rebounder) consists of a white soccer goal net surrounded by a wall of durable black backstop netting. It hangs from two green metal poles that are 10 feet high, and opens and closes just like a curtain. It’s completely made from ropes and netting and you can open and close it from whichever pole suit your yard.

Open Goaaal Soccer Football Goal Backstop and Rebounder


Here’s 3 quick steps on how to build the goal:

  1. Hammer the sockets into the ground.
  2. Screw the guy rope anchors into the soil.
  3. Erect the poles and hang the net. Then tension it into shape. Note: the tension is important and effects how the ball rebounds. You can adjust the tension to suit your needs and how you want the ball to rebound of the goal/backstop net.

Open Goaaal Soccer Football Goal Backstop and Rebounder


Thinking of mowing? The Open Goaaal and backstop/rebounder is east to lift! You can slide the net to the side for extra space if you’re needing to mow the yard, keep animals and pets out of the net or during backyard events and parties.

Now you and your kids can practice with peace of mind! No more worrying about having to chase the ball down, breaking windows, balls going over the fence, or destroying the landscaping. Measuring 8-10 ft tall and up to 29 ft wide (depending on the model), Open Goaaal rebounds almost all missed shots, no more delaying practice!  Now available in 3 sizes: Large, Standard and Junior – shop yours online today!